Jump Start: A custom blend of DIY skill and planning expertise

Your Pinterest boards are bulging and you have the energy to tackle the legwork. Yet you keep stalling and haven’t actually planned much of anything yet. Get in gear with a Jump Start!
With this service, you have the guidance of a professional in the palm of your hand. Literally. The Jump Start is a written plan of action customized to your exact needs. Go far beyond generic tips and get down to the specific details you need to make your celebration flow smoothly. We meet and discuss all the aspects of the wedding, what you know and what you don’t know yet and what you’d love to have. Then we take that information and write a customized written plan you can hold in your hands. Jump Start gives you industry insider confidence so you can tackle your list with less time but better results. You’ll actually enjoy the legwork because you’ll be an informed and confident shopper.
Add Month of Planning for an additional charge if you don’t have a team that can help you on your wedding day. However, the Jump Start is written to where you don’t need a professional if you have volunteers. You supply the team, we write the plan and you enjoy an amazing wedding!


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Month of Coordination: The perfect end to your planning journey

Are you getting closer to your event date and running out of enthusiasm?
You’ve worked hard on your planning and you want to enjoy the benefits. Month of Coordination gives you that crucial boost of support for a confident finish and carefree day. We go way beyond that though. You essentially receive full service planning benefits wrapped into 30 days. We’ll do a full audit of your event thus far,  the vendors to make sure everyone understands your wishes and make sure nothing has been forgotten. If we find any snags, we fix them before they do any damage, thus saving the day before you ever knew there was a problem. The final paperwork and details will run through us and you just have to write the checks. It will be heaven after devoting your life to planning!
A day is never enough when months of work are at stake. Save your sanity and utilize this unique combination of DIY and Full Service planning as a custom solution for you! *

*cost includes 30 days of planning services plus coordination of the event.

Options vary but we keep all services very affordable

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Full Service Planning: To keep your life/planning balance safe

Does this sound familiar?  Leaving voicemails with no response and an inbox clogged with solicitation emails. What started off as fun may now be a bit overwhelming. You want a wedding, not a part-time job! You have a career, family, friends and an engagement to enjoy. Have it all with full service planning.
A great event planner saves you frustration, time and money. What you spend on our services will actually save your nerves as well. It isn’t a decadent luxury but rather a cost-effective and time saving strategic choice to put your budget in the best places. We know where to spend and where to save to where your wedding looks beautiful and so does the budget.
How do you know we’re the right choice for you? The Adrian Events team crafts the blueprints to build your wedding. You give us the vision, and we put together the details. We supply the expertise and legwork so you have your dream day. We listen, empathize, council, steer and motivate you throughout the journey.
You really can enjoy the planning process without losing yourself in it. Have wedding/life balance with Adrian Events!
Quotes available after free meeting!

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"Becky did an amazing job! She was on top of everything so that I didn't need to worry about a thing the night of the event and wasn't overrun by questions from vendors during the evening. Very flexible with my ideas and making them happen since I was pretty particular on how I wanted things to go. Very organized and did a great job setting up our favors, guest book table, and getting the tea ceremony ready. Easy to work with and super accommodating to my requests!"

− Cheryl - Wedding Wire

"I thought having a wedding planner would be expensive, but the amount of time and money that Adrian Events saved me is unbelievable! Her packages are a great value, and every time I had a problem or question, she had a solution, which was extremely valuable. Thanks to Adrian Events my wedding was amazing, and I stayed under budget!"

− DSchaffer - Wedding Wire

"Adrian Events did a wonderful job planning my wedding. I never intended to hire a coordinator and now couldn't imagine having done the job without her. My package was very affordable and included small details that I never would have thought of, which made my event exceptional. She made the planning process very easy and on the day of the wedding, we didn't have to worry about any of the details of the event; my family and I simply showed up. Everything went very well and it was priceless that I was able to enjoy my wedding without worrying about managing the event. I highly recommend their services!"

− Sherry Vee - Wedding Wire

"Probably one of the best decisions that I made when planning. Adrian Events was always super helpful, very easy to work with, and always allowed us to do what we wanted for our event.

The different packages are wonderful and the prices are very reasonable! Great discounts with vendors that you, otherwise, would not get.

The day of help from Becky and her team gave us and our families the ability to simply relax and enjoy the event! I would recommend Adrian Events to anyone!! "

− Kendra - Wedding Wire

"If I could give Adrian Events 10 stars I would. Becky Adrian and her team was instrumental in making my wedding a great day without stress. She is very knowledge about other wedding vendors, the wedding process, making sure the dinner and dance move smoothly and anything else the bride needs. Their help and experience made my wedding day perfect. I would highly recommend Adrian Events to any bride."

− Rachel - Wedding Wire

"Adrian Events did a great job for us..especially dealing with bride, groom, mother . There seemed to be a seamless transition as she moved from working directly for GAST to starting her independent business. We had extraordinary circumstances on the evening of our event...electricity going out just as guests were arriving. Adrian Events handled the emergency professionally and calmly while at the same time directing the "traffic" of the wedding party, disconcerted guests and vendors. She was always there when we needed her, from the first visit through our event evening."

− Sheila

"Adrian Events was great! They made they process of planning our reception so easy! I can't imagine if I had try to coordinate all of the vendors myself and her recommendations saved us a lot of time visiting different vendors. I will definitely recommend them to everyone I know who's planning a wedding!"

− Missy - Wedding Wire